We offer a wide range of interior and exterior materials for creating or renewing housing.

We have big selection of classic, elegant style of floor and wall tiles, which do not compromise on natural stone, also we have modern style of the floor, walls, furniture covering materials.

We have great experience providing natural stone and its products to our clients. We supply stone from around the world – including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, quartz. We would be more than happy to offer the right stone for facades and outdoor facilities, find solutions to install terraces, stairs, railings, columns, benches, fountains, fireplaces, sculptures. As well as kitchen and bathroom worktops from the popular technical stone.

We advise, we provide proposals prepared by producing drawings, photographs and sketches.

Team consists of well-known sculptors, experienced masons, skilled architects and interior designers.

Ask the questions to our experts! They are always ready to advise you. Send inquiry by email or contact us by telephone. Looking forward to seeing you in our showroom.